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  • Hair Extensions Gold Coast

    Thick, Long and Naturally Gorgeous

    Get your hair DONE today with our beautiful selection of hair in different qualities, textures and a wide range of colours in stock, ready to enhance your personal style! Pick from 6 safe methods that are l0w maintenance and adds no stress to your hair.

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  • EyeLash Extensions

    EverLasting, Details, Mascara Free

    Wake up wide-eyed our long lasting, luscious and soft to the touch eyelash extensions! Expertly applied with no mess, no fuss, and no damage! For all day lengthy and thick lashes - that takes no time at all. Choose from our 3 amazing applications today!

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  • Eyebrow Feather Touch Tattoo

    Barely Fade, Feathered and Flawless

    No one else does cosmetic tattooing quite like we do! If you’re looking for finesse – the ultimate crowning glory to your beautiful face, take advantage of a truly artisan experience. No stencils, colour match perfection, choose from 3D, 6D or soft Ombre right here!

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  • Training and Supplies

    Competency, Creativity, Confidence

    Perfect the art of hair & eyelash extensions through a proficient and expertly assessed educational program that will put you a cut above the rest. Offer truly experienced tutor that allows you to find and refine your talent. Specialising in creating Artisan students. Register your interest here.

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Before & After Hair Extensions Gold Coast

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Why Chose Aphrodite Hair Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast?

Boutique Location, Isle of Capri

Aphrodite Hair and Lash Extensions Gold Coast, in the heart of Isle of Capri, is approved by the GC council and a fully licensed salon, offers great privacy, loads of parking and a tropical relaxed environment.

Aspire To Be The Best

Passionate, Meticulous and Capable, When it comes to being the Gold Coasts best in Eyelash and hair extensions – the Aphrodite specialists are unrivalled in our artistic and professional industry endeavors’

Specialisation is Our Key

We specialize in extensions – So rest assured you are receiving the highest quality hair extensions, the highest standard of technique and the highest finish imaginable.

100% True Colour&Texture Match

Whatever your style preference - Aphrodite Hair Extensions Gold Coast stock a wide range of colours that blends seamlessly with your own hair tone, as well as lengths of up to 28’’ long!

Flexibility to Suit Your Budget

In hair extensions, We stock not only the best Russian,  but also European and Indian hair to suits all budget. In Lashes, we stock best mink lashes, soft silk lashes and vegan friendly acrylic lashes.

Payment Plans

Aphrodite Hair Extensions Gold Coast believe that every lady deserve to feel their utmost best – that’s why we offer Payment plans.

The Russian Hair Collection

Our Russian Hair
When only the best will do, our Russian Ponytail Hair is Considered the Rolls Royce of hair extensions, you’ll want to run your fingers through these luxury extensions again and again. Each bunch of hair belongs to one individual – there is no blending – therefore hair stays soft and luscious with little to no damage to hair cuticles. The Russian is the perfect choice for clients who enjoy experimenting with styles and colour. Russian hair, bleaching from a dark mousey brown to a platinum blonde is no problem at all! Lasting from 12 to 24 months, The Russian collection retains its soft silky finish – and blends in perfectly with all Caucasian hair types.

Russian Volume 3D/4D/6D Lashes

Thickest Luscious Lashes
When only the best will do, our Russian range is an impressive collection of high quality mink lash extensions that gives you an unrivalled natural appearance that still makes a dramatic statement. Our multiple lash application technique creates a magnificent illusion of thick, yet beautifully soft lashes – that has to be experienced to be believed. Choose the thickness of your choice – 3D to simply enhance your lashes, 4D ensures a beautifully full finish, and 6D is the ultimate glamourous look. Taking up to 90 minutes and lasting 6 to 7 weeks - these lashes are the Rolls Royce of eye lash extensions!


The Most Natural Looking Brows Gold Coast

The newest trend in eyebrow perfection is here in Aphrodite Eyebrow Feather Tattoo Gold Coast!

If you’re looking for the ultimate frame to feature your beautiful face ask us about Feather Touch Brow today!

How much QUICKER, EASIER, and CHEAPER would your beauty routine be without having to worry about unruly brows!?

Which Hair Extensions is THE BEST?

What is THE BEST
When it comes to deciding what’s the best technique for your extension application – you’ll have a hard time to choose! The reason for this is simple – each and every one of clients is different in their unique needs and styles – therefore what may suit one, may not be the best choice for another! Thickness, length and style are major considerations – that many professionals simple don’t consider! But we know our clients, and we know they want a personal, tailored application perfectly suited to them!Here at Aphrodite we celebrate our clients’ diversity by offering comprehensive knowledge in no less than 6 different application techniques.