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4 Killer Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

It happens to all of us. Maybe we make a mistake to two, or have someone put us down. Maybe it's something we tried and failed at, or something we really want to do but are too scared to go for. At times our confidence in ourselves can get shaky, or downright shattered. Clients can…
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The difference between success and failure

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes the difference between someone who runs a successful business, is hitting their life goals, and has a loving relationship vs. someone who wanted all of this, yet ended up broke, single, and living in their parents spare room? Innate talent? Crazy motivation levels? Do they hustle…
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Life is yours to create

Doubting yourself. It's that nasty little voice that whispers in your ear that you can't do it, that you aren't talented enough, not smart enough, that you shouldn't try because if you fail then everyone will know about it. Safer not to try. Safer to not take any risks. How many times have you stopped…
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Contact and Directions to Aphrodite Call for your Appointment NOW!     04 222 88 052 Aphrodite Hair & Lash Studio have a goal to provide our clients with best possible services at affordable prices. We are based in Varsity Lakes, Market Square, Gold Coast. You can choose to enjoy our quality services of hair & lash extensions…
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